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Department: Lifestyle features/entertainment
Email: jeffcox@sonic.net
Beat/Position: Restaurant reviews

Recent Articles By JEFF COX

  • Twisted 2

    Published January 2, 2014
    Twisted 2

    Petaluma restaurateurs Dick and Julie Warner revive Twisted Vines.

  • Wishbone

    Published November 25, 2013

    New restaurant on Petaluma Boulevard is committed to quality.

  • Subtle class in Petaluma

    Published November 6, 2013
    Subtle class in Petaluma

    Classy dining to be found at Luma.

  • Taqueria Mi Pueblo

    Published November 16, 2012
    Taqueria Mi Pueblo

    A mega-menu of heaping helpings at paltry prices.

  • Review: Social Club

    Published October 12, 2012
    Review: Social Club

    New restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere and good food.

  • A taste of France

    Published June 8, 2012
    A taste of France

    French-influenced DeSchmire serves up memorable meals.

  • Flowering Tea House

    Published April 20, 2012
    Flowering Tea House

    Chinese restaurant serves up quality Asian fare.

  • Thai Ginger Bistro: Comfort and consistency

    Published February 17, 2012
    Thai Ginger Bistro: Comfort and consistency

    Thai Ginger Bistro in Petaluma, open for nine years, is consistent with the quality of its dishes.

  • Brixx Pizzeria

    Published October 26, 2011
    Brixx Pizzeria

    Few restaurants have the funky, divey charm of Brixx, a pizzeria with a full bar.

  • Wistful Italian

    Published April 16, 2011
    Wistful Italian

    Good old Italian-American cuisine is done right at Giacomo's in Petaluma.

  • Sugo Trattoria hard to beat

    Published August 8, 2010
    Sugo Trattoria hard to beat

    The theme of Annette and Pete White's downtown restaurant is good, honest Italian food.

  • Turkish delights

    Published June 14, 2010
    Turkish delights

    Afendi's Turkish Grill in Petaluma serves lighter, yet still delicious, versions of familiar dishes.

  • Spirit of Nepal in Petaluma

    Published October 3, 2009
    Spirit of Nepal in Petaluma

    There is so much to learn about Indian cuisine. Literally hundreds of different styles of food are prepared throughout the subcontinent, each distinctive, but all woven together by the spices that conjure up the ancient land of the Aryans and...

  • Italian done right at Cucina Paradiso

    Published June 18, 2009
    Italian done right at Cucina Paradiso

    Some restaurants may be struggling in this slow economy, but on a recent night, Cucina Paradiso in Petaluma was hopping. Cooks in white toques bustled about the bright kitchen. Wine flowed. The wait staff worked the tables calmly but quickly. Dishes...

  • De lowdown on De Schmire

    Published March 6, 2009
    De lowdown on De Schmire

    By Bob Canning, Petaluma Magazine

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